About Us

Viq3 for Pilots is an initiative to provide a Shared Risk management system for light aviation and a shared extensive warranty for airplane engines. The idea to establish a New Generation Risk Management System came from an ongoing struggle with an insurance company.  An in flight engine failure occurred in the Netherlands in 2012 complete report  The aircraft was landed professionally in a field. photo  And ended up with a busted engine photo This was outside the factory warranty. All the cost for the Aircraft Owner! Think about this, although the risk is very small, you can be the next one! With the new system every participant will pay just a little amount to get you going! And this will be a joined effort with the factory who has a new engine in stock for this purpose. I have been in aviation all my life and I have teamed up with a partner who has spent his live in Insurance and re-insurance and we are the perfect couple to set this up for you so you can relax and have peace of mind!