Very Important Questions / Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the standard amount of €100.000,-?

It can be arranged to apply for part of the amount or you can agree on a higher amount.
In case of a claim you pay a percentage according to the agreement

What is the selection in the registration Entry Cell only? 

This means that the Claims apply at your entry Cell only. The amount of Risk is spread over a smaller group.
Might have to pay a fixed fee for Re-Insurance if the risk assessment is to high.

What if I choose All Active Cells in this respect?

The claims are spread among a bigger group so is the risk. In years when there are claims that are over one percent of the risk amount,
sister cells with people that have chosen this option can be billed. (Initially in the same kind of field)

When is the Coverage activated?

This depends on the Risk assessment. 
It will give a minimum amount of participants to be able to cover two times the calculated risk with the money that is submitted to the system.

How can I prove that I am covered?

If you have Registered correctly and everybody has transferred 1% of the Risk amount into the combined bank account after the system is active. 
This will show on the website the starting date is planned on January First 2016

How can I end or change my Risk Management?

Just by sending an email to Viq3, you can only end the Risk Management at the end of each year.
The money will be refunded and claims will be deducted.
You can just chance your engine serial number and hours flown in case of a engine change.

What do I need to do if I have a claim?

You have to contact the aviation company.

What if I do not agree with the outcome?

In that case more members will be asked and a solution will be found democratically.
If more expertise is needed if agreed by the community will be added on the total bill.