Mission Statement

Mission statement: Aviation Related Shared Risk Management

VIQ3 is an independent member owned organization built around aviation and risk management experts and stands for the defense of the interests of the aircraft users and plane owners in case of an engine breakdown or an accident while using their aircraft. The members of VIQ3 share a primary goal of restoring trust and delivering a consistently high level of service to all partners.

All members have experience and expertise in aviation matters and combined with expert risk managing skills they can offer tailor made solutions served with a spirit of creativity to the aviation community all over the world by using the most prospective technology.

The idea is to mutually support each other by contributing as a member to a common owned fund that guarantees the replacement or repair of the aircraft engine or aviation equipment in case of a manufacturing defect or through other causes.

Unlike a common insurance operation, VIQ3 is transparent and cost effective. The benefits of the VIQ3 concept are only open to contributing members who have an in depth view of the financials and management of the fund moneys

What distinguishes us from the rest:
• We completely immerse ourselves in each member’s expectations.
• Our seasoned technical experts are a single team providing customized solutions.
• Our size and independence keep us nimble, which keeps us efficient.
• We invest in state-of-the-art risk analysis technology and practices.
• We go beyond merely understanding our members’ business.
• We bring creativity and innovation to our partners.
• And we do it all with a genuine passion to see our’s flourish.
We work on one platform wherever you are based in the world, offering a seamless service across our integrated claims and administration teams.