Community based shared risk management for Aircraft and or Extended warranty for Aircraft Engines.

The claim can not be higher than all labor and all parts and the transportation of these parts. For a complete engine change a proportional share of the hours flown with the old engine is covered. So If the new engine cost €60.000,- and Engine Life Time is 1200 hrs, If the damage occurs at 600 hrs the claim is €30.000,- and the other €30.000,- should be paid by the owner. It is also possible that the airplane can be changed with an engine that has 50% of the time available. (All in conjunction and needs of the owner)

if there are enough participants in the community the Manufactory should always have a spare engine in stock that will immediately come available when it is clear that the old engine is beyond repair. No need to sent the "core" first. Valuable time is saved and for the Factory there is no financial risk, as there is enough money in the combined account. 

For Gliders and other aircraft it is a bit different but it will always be a ratio if there is a write off. Or the choice of the owner to renew his plane.